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Why I’m Writing this Newsletter

The design industry has exploded in popularity in the past couple of years. There are thousands of ambitious people who desire to break into the design industry but approach this the wrong way.

Years ago, as a bored college student in pre-med who hated school, I somehow managed to land a six-figure design job within a year of self-teaching design. A few years later, I went from having no experience to leading design at a FAANG company. 

If you asked me how I did it a few years ago, I would say luck. However, after hundreds of conversations with both successful and unsuccessful self-taught designers, I believe I’ve figured out how to reproduce the “luck” that got me where I am. I want to share what I learned.

I’ve always been passionate about mentoring and teaching what I know. I have mentored over a hundred aspiring designers and helped all of them achieve their immediate career goals. 

While doing this, I noticed some massive gaps in the way design education is being approached. You end up learning about a generic design process with a list of principles you have no idea how to apply. 

These people end up becoming generic designers who can’t figure out what they’re doing wrong. These designers call themselves unlucky.

If you’re ambitious and want to become an exceptional designer and create a positive impact in the world, I wrote this newsletter for you. I want to help you break out of the mold of being a generic designer to become a 99th percentile designer in an impactful domain. 

This first issue will be about “self-help” and “fluffy,” as I’ll get. I pledge to keep my writing concise and informative as I dive into technical topics ranging from “evaluating interaction costs” to “designing viral engagement loops.” 

Welcome to The Ambitious Designer newsletter.

It’s time to create your own luck.

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Are you an ambitious product designer seeking to elevate your design skills and stay ahead of the curve? Written by @richardux, an experienced designer who self-taught their way to the top of the field.


The Ambitious Designer

Break out of the mold of being a generic designer to become a 99th percentile designer in a high-value problem space.